Pic.: Edda Strobl, „Marcia in the exhibition: 10 years
< rotor >“, on 3.8.2009, 2009

10 Artists, 10 ZEBRA Clients, 22 Years of Migration and Asylum Policy in Austria.

Opening of the exhibition in Kulturzentrum Kapfenberg
Thursday, January 27, 2011, 7.30 pm

Yolla Issaka Andankete ― Andreas Leikauf
anonym ― eva helene stern ***
Ali Gullali ― Josef Schützenhöfer
Kingsley Gunasekera ― Martin Osterider
Arif Kryeziu ― Markus Wilfling
Marcelina Massarico ― Edda Strobl
Metin Okyay ― G.R.A.M.
Abdullahi Osman ― Andrea Schlemmer
Behnaz Refabhaksh ― Marie D. Neugebauer
Albert Antwi Tieku ― Katharina Buschek / Max Gansberger

Further present in the exhibition:
Helmut & Johanna Kandl
Art Media / Renate & Andreas Meschuh

Duration: 28.1. – 6.3.2011

Opening Hours:
MO-MI: 9am-11:30am & 2:30pm-6pm
DO: 9am-11.30am & 2.30pm-7.30pm
FR: 9:am-11.30am
SA, SU, & bank holidays: 2:30pm-6pm
and prior to appointment

Location: Kulturzentrum (KUZ) Kapfenberg
Mürzgasse 3, 8605 Kapfenberg

Migration to Austria is one of the most discussed topics in this country. Many assumptions are made and often people are being overlooked, who have not seldomly come seeking help. < rotor > and ZEBRA, the intercultural treatment center, took on the topic from an artistic point of view.

10 visual artists from Styria and 10 (former) ZEBRA clients have entered longer term communication. These encounters have brought forth new works of art which are related to the life stories of the migrants, but also to the history of the organisation ZEBRA that has carried out important work on the of sector human rights for many years.
The result of this intensive process is a colourful exhibition, combining pictures, photos, and art objects, and was first shown at < rotor > in 2009/10. >>

On the initiative of andersgleich, this exhibition is now also shown in Kapfenberg. "andersgleich" is a non-party, non-confessional initiative by committed people from Kapfenberg for the support of moral courage and tolerance in society.

In Kapfenberg, the exhibition features two further works:

Renate and Andreas Meschuh accompanied with their camera four participants of the exhibition during their meetings. A 10-minute trailer of the thus developed film "menschenfarben" [humancoloured] can be seen in the exhibition.

An own room in the exhibition is dedicated to the work "WÄCHTERHAUS" [watchhouse] by Helmut and Johanna Kandl. As the winner project of an international competition initiated by the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria, this work fulfills the mission to raise awareness about the almost forgotten concentration camp outpost in Aflenz an der Sulm. Part of the work ist the video installation "messages repeated", that, updated every half year, points out current violations against human rights.